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Click on DIY energy savings and tell us which you like the best 
Bio generator or Amazing compact Solar system
Do you like DIY projects?Which project?
The dilemma of which alternative energy is more resourceful will be determined here in this forum. We all know there has to be a better way than big electric draining our pockets every month while those fat cats are getting paid millions to do it. I’ve learned that through out my life that two heads are better than one. I have chosen two of the best types of alternative energy; Solar and biodegradable. I would’ve  included wind, but I know that on some days, especially in Texas, there are sometimes not even a 5 mile per hour wind. A lot of good that’ll do huh. Let’s share our thoughts. Take a look by clicking on DIY energy savings, and tell what you think. Click on DIY energy savings and click the video on how to run a generator without gas. Then click on the video about the amazing compact solar system, and tell us what you think. Maybe it would be more cost efficient to use both? Click here then tell us what you think by registering below.