Mid Life Fitness Training

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Just stopped by to chat a bit to those who are 30’s and above. I figured I’d offer an Idea that is sure to  open your perspective about the aging process and what can be done about it. Hopefully you know that the sooner you implement such strategies; the better off you’ll be in the long run, therefore alleviating cell damage. We all well know that if we don’t speed up our metabolism our cells begin to die and our bodies find it harder to make new ones. So therefore we know that exercise promotes cell regrowth. Exercise and a healthy diet is key. Here is where the problem comes in to play. When we are in our thirties, we are so busy working and taking care of home until , there is just not enough time to get in that hour workout, not to mention the daily stress associated with sometimes life’s difficult issues. therefore a combination of stress and lack of exercise can really impose havoc on the body. News flash! All is not lost! Finally even if you are in your 60’s.  Depending upon your condition ; some effects are reversible. Thanks to Steve and Becky Holman. They are a couple who found a better and more effective way of exercise along with many other guidelines to implement. This couple worked out a plan that anyone can do! What makes this plan so unique is you are only exercising for 15-20 minutes a day. Well I think Iv’e said enough. Go there and learn how to exercise in a safe manner all while restoring the damage as well as many, many other tricks to kickstart that healing process. I truly think you will love this Idea.

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      I dont know how to call you, so I used your user name. I’m Jerome of Heureux Choices. I help venders that are producing worthwhile products get established all while tending to the public’s needs. Even if you don’t use my vender, I’m glad I was able to bring a thought that could be accepted. It’s the new year that’s on it’s way, and it’s good to set goals especially if you follow through. Heureux is french for happy. Thanks for choosing Heureux choices and thanks for your input wether good or bad, it helps. Have a happy day; Jerome

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